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The control of gambling industry in Australia

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Regulation of the online gambling services market is an important public matter. Unfortunately, the authorities do not always exercise complete control over telecommunications systems, since the latter are almost always the property of international corporations. In this regard, the Australian government can control only the work of online operators (it is a ban on all types of online gambling, except for online betting). Thus, it turns out that at the legislative level, residents of the country are not prohibited from using online casino services.
As the work of the online industry, as we know , is uncontrolled, the Australian government deliberately tighten control over the online gaming industry.
We cannot say that it is too strict method – because we should understand that the authorities are focused on the mental and physical health, the financial welfare of the citizens – and gambling may cause a serious problems with these points in the society.
Most likely, residents of the country will be able to legally play only online poker, since the government of the country still considers other types of gambling to be harmful to the population.
How it will work on practice – here is the question. But as the experience shows – those who want to play legally or illegally – will do it by all of possible ways. The question is only in the number of such citizens and their impact on the level of well-being in the country, as well as on the global crime level in states of the country.
Australian authorities have developed their own know-how method to control gambling industry – they promise to encourage banking institutions for each blocked user who tries to use their money on an illegal gambling site. Of course, this innovation will give a positive result, but it is worth recalling that most of the operations with cash flows go through online payment systems. Accurately track the money route and recipients in such systems, at the moment, it is extremely difficult.
Losses from gambling during the last years in Australia reached a record high of 24 billion Australian dollars (18 billion US dollars), follows from the data collected by the Government of Queensland.
More than half of this money was lost to the Australian “one-armed gangsters” and poker machines in pubs and clubs.
“For Australia, slot machines are the same as weapons for America,” said Tim Costello, a representative of the Alliance for the Reform of Gambling.
“This industry has pressed the Australian government in the same way as the National Association of the USA – the US. And we intend to change that,” he says.
Now 20% of all poker machines in the world are installed in Australia. And some say that it is a global problem, but others just continue to play and build business on this cases!