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Gambling “climate” in Australia

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According to the results of numerous social studies on gambling – Australia became the leader among the number of players.
The inhabitants of this continental country turned out to be the most active players! And this is a logical explanation – as it is known, that gambling business is most thriving either in poor countries (and this situation is gaining negative characteristics) or where the economic situation is stable and satisfactory – also due to its stable financial status and the absence of social conflicts (which is uniquely a strong side of the Australians) – the inhabitants of this country are very active in gambling. And it’s not about earning money – because it’s mostly done for fun.
Notwithstanding the 2001 Act on Interactive Gambling, which prohibits Australian online casino operators from offering interactive real-money gambling to local residents, in practice, the use of online casino websites for Australian citizens remains legitimate.
However, since it’s not legally correct, playing online poker or casino games is considered a criminal offense, but despite this, many Australians freely use popular online casinos such as bet365, Mr Green and Winner Casino to meet their needs in gambling. Whether the Australian gambling laws violate gambling laws by allowing gamers to visit their sites remains unclear, however, any serious attempts to protect citizens from the use of such services have not yet been made, as well as punitive measures against gambling operators.
Online lotteries and sports bets are considered legitimate on condition that they are not connected with the Internet business, but with the ground establishments . However, indoor sports betting is classified as “interactive” gambling, and thus falls within the scope of the Law “On Interactive Gambling,” so if Australian online bookmakers offer it to their residents, such activities are considered illegal. However, Australian players still use rates within the game, the services of foreign operators that either ignore or do not know the Law “On Online Gambling”.
Fortunately for Australians, winnings are not taxed.
And also fortunately – there are always many platforms for gambling enthusiasts who can play on a noncommercial basis – meaning “no” – without using and attracting real money!