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Gambling laws in Australia

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Australia is a country where gambling is completely legalized. Every year, residents of the country spend in casinos over USD 6 million. This amounts are about USD 500 per person.
The results of analytical studies show that most Australian gamblers prefer to play online casinos. Next in the list are slot machines located outside specialized gambling establishments. In Australia, there are hundreds of pubs where slot machines are installed. In total, several thousand gaming machines of various models are available to users.
In third place are the elite land-based casinos. Today, over 400 licensed gambling points officially operate in the territory of the country, including land-based casinos, casinos on cruise ships, hippodrome and so on.
What about the features of the gambling legislation of the country? Despite the stability of the development and popularity of the gambling industry, the gambling legislation of the country is quite complex. This is due to the political structure of the state. Australia is a federal state uniting 8 jurisdictions. As a result, power is divided between the federal government and the leadership of the States.
The powers of the federal government include partial regulation of the gambling industry. At the same time, in each separate jurisdiction, there are own laws that determine the system of organizing gambling. As a result, legal provisions may vary significantly.
For example, in New South Wales, the “local” gambling law in general regulates the rules for organizing gambling for land-based establishments and online resources. In Victoria, on the contrary, the features of such activities are detailed with maximum accuracy. In particular, certain provisions define the system of organizing the work of land-based casinos, Internet portals, detailing the requirements for each type of gambling.
Legislative regulation of gambling in Australia is traditionally conducted at the level of specific territories. In the capital of the state – Sydney, it is:
Laws “On Bets”, “On Lotteries”, “On Pool Rates” from 1964;
“On interactive gambling”, 1998;
“About the race”, 1999;
“On race and sport”, 2001;
“On Gambling”, 2004;
“On the control of the casino”, 2006.
In New South Wales such laws applied:
“On the control of the casino”, 1992;
“On Public Lotteries”, 1996;
“On the sweepstakes”, 1997;
“On Gambling”, “On Illegal Gambling”, “On Racing Administration”, 1998;
“On slot machines”, “On taxes on slot machines”, “On tax on rates”, 2001.
In Victoria, gambling is governed by the laws:
“On the control of the casino”;
“On the management of casinos”, 1993;
“On the regulation of gambling”, 2003.
Queensland authorities are guided by the laws:
“On the control of the casino”, 1982;
“On gaming machines”, 1991;
“About Keno”, “About Lotteries”, “About Stakes” from 1996, 1997 and 1998, respectively;
On the Protection of Players, 1998;
“On non-commercial games”, 1999.
North Australia follows the laws:
“On Licensing in the Northern Territory”, 2001;
“On race and rates”, “On licensing and regulation”, “On illegal rates”, 2004;
“On the machines”, “On the control of the game”, 2005.
In South Australia, gambling is regulated by the laws of:
“On lotteries and gambling”, 1936;
“On State Lotteries”, 1966;
“On slot machines”, 1992;
“About the casino”, 1997;
“On authorized rates”, 2000.
As shown by the publication of laws, the gambling business in Australia has developed unevenly. Legislative regulation of gambling in different regions of the country is very different.